It shouldn’t come as a big surprise our Dean Miguel Arruda winning prestigious awards. The news is that this year he added... a couple more to his cabinet.

One should blame the Sun Tile lighting edition, that last year already grabbed 5 (!) big awards: 1 from the European Centre for Architecture, Art Design and Urban Studies, 1 from The Chicago Athenaeum, 1 Red Dot and 2 from the International Design Academy.

Two more for the collection! This time Miguel Arruda was recognized twice by the German Design Awards: one for Excellent Product Design and another for Lighting.

The Sun Tile lighting edition is the one to blame. According to the Award’s official site, the jury was thrilled by the “fascinating game of light and shadow that is enhanced by the ceramic glaze” and the “exceptional design that is instantly recognisable and creates very beautiful lighting”.

We should add that Portugal’s talent was distinguished beyond our Dean. The studio Atame won in the Interior Design category with the Krush-It project and Vista Alegre snapped 6 awards, one of them thanks to its Calçada Portuguesa collection.

Take a look at our Dean’s award-winning piece here.