Sometimes small and slight adjustments in a space are more than sufficient to radically alter our perception of them.

Knowing how to distinguish right from wrong allows us to take on a super filled and chaotic space in an organized area that breathes tranquility being for this extremely important aspects such as order and balance.

Several factors can contribute to the functional and visual organization of a space. Today we talk about one of them:

Setting a focus point!

In Interior Design as in life it is important that we have a focus.

A focal point gives us a direction, a way forward, and consequently some organization and order.

When we begin a project, even in blocking situations, it is important to define if there is any direction in which we want the observer's gaze to focus when he enters the intervened space.

In order to capture this attention we have often opted for a wall with a different color and / or texture or for a large object and / or great daring.

This type of objects, besides fulfilling the mentioned function, also serves to mark a position, to define an idea.

There are elements that end up fulfilling this function in a very natural way like for example a fireplace or a large window. But we can also mention, by way of example, a piece of art which, either by the chromatic tones used or by the size and boldness of the piece, can capture and guide the observer's gaze in a certain direction.

After defining this focal point it is often easier to construct and develop an idea or concept around it by conveying the sense of organization and balance.

In many situations, we can introduce more than one focal point, and we must consciously assume the path we want the observer to traverse visually in a space. In this way we can more easily measure the strength that each of these points of focus must possess and which hierarchical role we want each of them to take.

Set your focus, your path and travel from the point of departure to the point of arrival enjoying and savoring everything you find along the way.