Study Plan
Planning a Space and Constructive Systems

In this module, transversal to the course, the student will discover how to apply the design elements for spatial planning and design concepts, considering different furniture layouts to meet the intended space function.

It will aim to be the link between all other modules of the course and in which will be accompanied the practical work carried out during the school year.
• You will learn how to draw a space from scratch and reshape existing areas and design a new layout for remodeling projects.
• The projects will be developed during the year, and will be framed and integrated the subjects taught in the other modules such as lighting plans, color schemes and finishes, etc.
• It will also be in this module that the student will develop the work that will give rise to his first professional portfolio.
• The notions of constructive systems are essential for intervention in any built-up space that one wishes to remodel. This module will address subjects related to construction, as types of construction and more appropriate choices, structural elements, etc.

49 Hours
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