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Sketchup Pro
Sketchup Pro

SketchUp is a project creation and tridimensional modelling tool that is extremely easy to use, quick and intuitive.

The ease of use of this program allows different professionals to use it for the initial stages of a space or object creation project; a sketch can be created so that the client can quickly visualize an idea, and by adding more information, it also allows to provide more detail to those spaces or objects, up to the execution stage of the project.

Apart from its functionality as a tool for modelling, for creating images and animations, all of which is available in the free version, with Sketchup Pro you can export and import models in compatible formats to and from other softwares, for exemple Autocad, 3D studio, etc. You can also create tridimensional models from photos, and build presentations of a project. Apart from all the functions available in this particular program, there are increasingly more applications that can interact with it, which increases its usefulness as a tool, namely for projects involving natural or artificial lighting, etc

1st session
Graphic interface and model creation
Introduction to SketchUp and notions of how it functions
How SkethUp’s interface is organized: menus, commands, keyboard shortcuts;
Commands for visualization control;
Commands for creating bidimensional forms;
Commands for creating tridimensional forms;
Commands for modifying forms;

2nd session
Organization of the workfile
Organization in layers;
Creating and managing groups and components;
Using 3Dwarehouse;
Terrain modelling;
Using sections.

3rd session
Visualizing the model
Applying visualization styles
Applying materials
Choosing colors and textures
Choosing materials
Creation of new materials.
Applying shadows
Creation of scenes
Exporting images
Video creation

4th session
SketchupPro compared to other software
Software “layout”
Creation of project documentation;
Communication with other software:
Exporting in 2D format;
Exporting in 3D format.

5th session
Final assessment exercise

06 May 2019
20 hours
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