Short Courses
Introduction to Photography
Introduction to Photography

Introductory photography workshop for all young people who want to learn the basics and take the first steps in this activity.

A week filled with a little theory, history, technique and with the practical application of the concepts acquired.
-Material required: each student should have a digital camera, preferably DSLR, with the possibility of using manual programs of exposure, in addition to the automatic ones. In the absence of a camera of this type, a simple smartphone with camera can also be used.

Monday: Theoretical and a little History:
-The Composition of Light;
-The Dark Camera Principle, basic principles of Optics and the functioning of the Human Eye;
-Invention and Evolution of Photography (from Daguerre to digital);
- Principles of operation of a camera and its evolution;
-Different formats;
- The 20th Century and Photography - Projection of iconic photographic images, a brief introduction to the History of photography and the work of some of the most outstanding photographers of the 20th century (Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, etc., etc.);
Tuesday: Composition, Point of View and Perspective:
-A study of all these elements with references to the History of Art and Photography;
The Hand in the Mass (beginning):
-Instruction of the optical and mechanical principles of a camera;
-Interchangeable and Focal Distance Objectives;
-The focus;
-The Aperture of the Diaphragm;
-The Depth of Field;
Wednesday: The Hand in the Mass (continued):
-Instruction of the optical and mechanical principles of a camera;
-The Shutter Speed;
-The Degrees of Sensitivity to Light;
-A Photography with Flash;
-The Control of the Exposition conjugating all the elements given in this module;
Post production:
-Softwares and Notions of Image Correction (Contrast, Exposure, etc.);
To experiment:
-Review of the Matter given;
- Practical exercises, in the School, of application of the concepts of Focus, Depth of field, Shutter Speed, Sensitivity to light;
Friday: Photographing in the street:
Photographic walking together with the trainer, free subject photography, problem solving and doubts;
-Organization and Correction of Images made;
- Joint discussion of Images made, resolution of problems, final doubts.

16 Jul 2018
20 Jul 2018
06 Aug 2018
09:30 - 13:30
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