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Fashion Design without Secret
Fashion Design without Secret

Drawing is an expression of our artistic abilities, emotions and sensitivity. What is most incredible is that we all possess these capacities, which are often hidden or even blocked by traumas caused in childhood. Each person has his own way of expressing himself, of writing and of looking at the world.

Many people feel like diving into the creative universe of fashion, but the fear and insecurity of knowing how to draw them out. This course proposes the use of powerful techniques for the realization of basic fashion design. No matter the level of the participant's ability, that is, it is a course to break barriers and indicated for beginners.

The results are surprising and will allow the student to continue his studies at higher levels.

Specific objectives

Perform sketches and hand-fashion sketches. Use light techniques, shadows and depth. Represent fabrics and details in motion design. Elaborate female garments designs.

Target Audience 

Students, professionals and interested in the ability to unlock the fear of drawing. People who wish to design and create clothing for women's clothing.


Use of methods: Expositive, Interrogative, Demonstrative and Active. Pedagogical techniques: Expositive (Teaching-Saying), from the exposition of contents by the trainer; Simulative, from the reconstitution of concrete situations that require previous training; Demonstrative (Teach-Making), from the accomplishment of tasks in stages; Case Study, analysis of real cases or problematic situations (of professional or business life); Brainstorming, a process of group work, liberation of creativity, where you want to stimulate new ideas, solve problems and reinvent fashion.

Program content

Unlock the brain's ability to draw;

Transition of the cerebral hemispheres: reason x emotion;

Observation drawing: light, shadow and depth;

Studies on body proportions;

Magical techniques;

Introduction to fashion design;

Drawing of skirts;

Pants designs;

Blouses design;

Drawing of dresses.

17 Feb 2020
14:00 - 18:00
20 Hours
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