Short Courses
Creating a Pattern and Manufacturing for Beginners
Creating a Pattern and Manufacturing for Beginners

General Objectives
Fashion has changed and there are now different ways to market and present products and collections. On or offline, the image is an important tool of attraction and consumption in physical stores, virtual stores, catalogs, parades, events, media, television, cinema and advertising.
The general objectives of the course are: to foster the creativity, knowledge and skills necessary to research and develop innovative projects based on trends, attitudes and different styles and behaviors of fashion. Provide the elaboration of styling projects for brands, collections, artists, presenters and editorials.

Specific objectives
Identify new aspects for the use of clothing and fashion; developing fashion productions that appeal to customers (businesses and consumers); promote the desire to consume from the study and analysis of aesthetic, artistic and anticipation of trends concepts; propose innovative looks that define the essence of the clients and represent the lifestyle of the target audience.

Target Audience
Students and professionals from different areas of fashion, photography, creation, communication, visual merchandising, marketing and design, as well as self-taught professionals who want to deepen, update and develop knowledge, skills and professional skills.

Professional Opportunities
Fashion producer. Wardrobe assistants in film and television. Stylist for events, advertisements and fashion shows.

Use of methods: Expositive, Interrogative, Demonstrative and Active. Pedagogical techniques: Expositive (Teaching-Saying), from the exposition of contents by the trainer; Simulative, from the reconstitution of concrete situations that require previous training; Demonstrative (Teach-Making), from the accomplishment of tasks in stages; Case Study, analysis of real cases or problematic situations (of professional or business life); Brainstorming, a process of group work, the liberation of creativity, where you want to stimulate new ideas, solve problems and reinvent fashion.

Duration of the course
The course lasts 80 hours.

Classroom Duration
Classes will be distributed in 3-hour sessions with an interval in the middle of each session lasting 10 minutes.

23 Mar 2020
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
80 Hours
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