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Atomobile Design
Atomobile Design

Boris Fabris, a prestigious automotive italian designer that works at Italdesign, Fioravanti, Giugiaro, Haima Automobile is now a lecturer and consultant and will come to Cascais School of Arts to share his knowledge with our students.

Boris has worked around the globe  and has a Ferrari, the SP1, to his credit.

The theme of automotive design with different approach from usual approach. I will keep lessons and explanations on the development of a project for a new car from the idea to the sketch and from the sketch to the real car that will be produced in series.

Really important thing is understand the fundamental importance of style linked to the function and the function linked to the style. Is also important to know the history of the brand for which you work to get Boris Fabris the stylistic features of the automakers. Will show you how to make a plan of form manually and I believe it is very important because although today using 3D programs have the knowledge of the sections, profiles, theorists is crucial for the perception of the object as a whole.

Objectives and competences acquired

At the end of the workshop the students will know each step of the development of a new automotive and/or transport project and have acquired the ability make sketch concepts and to move it in the real automotive package.

16 Mar 2020
9.30am - 5.30 PM
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