One Year Course
Graphic Design All Media
Graphic Design All Media

Design is the discipline that seeks in general to improve forms and processes between living beings and the environment that surrounds them, that is, to give a better design to all the interactions between them or between them and the contexts in which they are inserted.

In the specific case of Graphic Design, it is a healthy blend of aesthetics, form and function that allows for better communication at all levels and in all media, whether digital or printed, on or offline, static or dynamic, creating more creative forms , appealing and persuasive to convey messages and draw attention to content.

This Graphic Design course sets aside the prejudices between the various media, hand-made, printed or digital, to prepare who attends the course for the current and future requirements that the graphic designers of the next generations will face.

Understand creativity and Design Thinking as a whole applicable to any graphic design project, understand the whole process of developing any type of projects for any type of medium, mastering the appropriate tools in order to obtain the anticipated results. Understand brie ngs and receive some to develop diverse projects, in order to create a portfolio appropriate to the current requirements of employers or direct clients.

All the didactic methodologies, from theoretical to practical, doing what we call experiential learning, in which we will try as much as possible to replicate the life of a Designer in reality.

The evaluation will be continuous and carried out through the general attitude of the students, the results of the projects, the practical work and their oral and graphic presentations.

Target Audience
Students and professionals, trained or self-taught who wish to deepen and develop theoretical-practical knowledge, essential to perform exemplarily the profession of Graphic Designer, according to current and future requirements of the market.

23 Sep 2019
29 May 2020
3x per week or Saturdays
340 Hours
9 x 330€ + Registration fee 250€
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