One Year Course
Fashion Design
Fashion Design

Fashion designers are dynamic professionals, capable of articulating knowledge from different areas with the goal of creating solutions for clothing design projects; for that, they must be able to interpret the desires and needs of society from a global perspective.
Fashion designers use specific tools and resources that enable them to anticipate and confirm both macro- and micro-tendencies, in order to develop products that fit the lifestyle and hit the right consumer target.
Cascais School of Arts prepares students in a way that they will be able to search, create, manage and market their products in an ethical, sensible and competitive way, always aware of behavioral changes and the evolution of technical procedures pertaining to the profession.

Ever since the beginning of the 21st century, fashion industry has been reinventing itself and how it operates. Before, haute couture was considered the starting point: according to the «trickle-down» concept, the fashion presented at catwalks went through various stages until it was popularized. Nowadays, it is driven by a bubble-up effect, which results from an immense mix of pieces of information gathered from different urban cultures, ethnic movements, fusions of different historical periods with new aesthetics, sustainability, social responsibility, behaviors generated by on- and offline influencers, self-esteem, happiness and an endless set of references drawn from just about everywhere in the world.
Fashion still is a mirror image of the behavior, desires and needs of society, whatever the region or country. It is part of a magnificent and complex cultural, artistic, socioeconomic and political system at a global level. Companies are therefore looking for innovative professionals with enhanced capabilities, people that can create, manage, communicate and be prepared to filter the multiplicity of information available, turning it into products that fascinate and interact with consumers.
People no longer consume just for the sake of owning something and the status that derives from it, but mainly for reasons that are linked with being, which is to say, you cannot develop fashion products that are not conceived while bearing in mind the emotional meanings inherent to the consumer’s social universe.

This course contributes to the development of the student’s potential and offers experiences based on know-how and innovation in fashion. It aims at encouraging the student to find solutions to the eternal problem of garment creation, by intertwining theoretical and practical contents (essential for student success in the professional world). The plan of studies for this course was developed on the basis of up-to-date market studies, proposing simulations in different contexts; in addition, it encourages the accomplishment of transversal projects aimed at training professionals with interdisciplinary skills and a contemporary worldview.

Work out fashion design projects and propose innovative solutions by using techniques and creation processes that meet and anticipate market demands.

Search references, conceive and design fashion products for all population segments (man, woman and children); identify alternatives and solutions regarding materials for manufacture; master the use of all necessary software and equipment; participate in the planning and decision-making concerning the amount of garment pieces to be manufactured; take part in the negotiation with suppliers; develop pieces of clothing in interdisciplinary teams; present products and collections; use media, communication and marketing 3.0 to enhance public awareness of fashion businesses.

Students and professionals from different areas of the fashion and the design industry, as well as self-taught professionals who wish to deepen and develop theoretical and practical knowledge that is essential for correctly creating fashion products.

Fashion designer for companies and smaller businesses, fashion consultant, personal shopper, fashion illustrator, trend researcher, independent professional.

23 Sep 2019
29 May 2020
3x per Week or Post Work
332 Hours
9 x 330€ + Registration fee 250€
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