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Fashion & Trends

To be a Fashion Designer is to be a creative and passionate professional who idealizes, designs and designs pieces or collections guaranteeing articles that respond to the wishes of the consumer. Being a fashion designer is also to understand the impact of your profession and the importance of your role of awareness of society in the present and future fashion. It is to be a professional capable of acting in the different segments of the fashion be it feminine, masculine or infantile. Its main function is then to develop innovative and current clothing, footwear and accessories that are a mirror of current trends and study consumer behavior. When integrated into a company the fashion designer develops collections aimed at the ready-to-wear market and even uniforms and uniforms for schools and companies. In the context of the studio, the fashion designer has more creative freedom, being able to explore a wider range of ideas, designing collections with author design and guaranteeing key factors such as exclusivity, limited editions, nobler raw materials among others. As an independent fashion designer and entrepreneur creates her own brand, concept, storytelling and develops pieces with a very specific concept focused on a niche more specific of the market, which can be presented and disseminated in the market through parades and presentations at fairs and national and international trade fairs sold in physical store or online

Learn Fashion Design at Cascais School of Arts Design is to be encouraged and supported to discover your creativity, tastes and preferences as a future professional. It is to study in an atelier environment with resources to the constant development of fashion projects and be professionally oriented according to the individual profile of each student. That is why the Master in Fashion Design course has a training plan with a strong practical and structured component to thinking about the role of the fashion designer in the current market. It studies the socioeconomic context at the level of the global market and the different behaviors of the consumer in the environment that surrounds it. It addresses relevant and current issues ranging from sustainability to fashion, to the importance of textile research and technological innovation in this sector. Along with all the methodologies the creative process in the field of fashion, all the contents are implemented with challenges and projects, which allow the student to acquire an expressive and determinant role in their creative singularity and autonomy as a designer. Our Master in Fashion Design guarantees entry into a curricular internship at a national or international reference company /to start your professional activity. But if you are an entrepreneur and want to develop a project of your own, Cascais School of Arts gives you all the support. If at the end of the course you wish to continue your studies, as this Master is certified by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon you will be able to continue to the MSc in Fashion Design at FA-ULisboa obtaining equivalence in several curricular units.

When you take the Master course in Fashion Design you will learn the main tool for exhibiting and expressing your ideas: drawing. You will practice the observation and representation of the human figure and apply this knowledge of the structure of the human body to fashion sketches and study the representation of different types of clothing and techniques of creative representation. You will understand the influence and power of marketing brands and consumers. You will be in touch with the impactful role of the designer in your process of awareness of society and you will study sustainable production techniques and processes and understand the fashion of the future and its needs. You will also internalize the importance of the technical design of fashion and its function as facilitator of communication between the designer and the production and develop the modeling and confection of your own creations. You will study and know how to analyze the raw materials appropriate for your collections and you will distinguish intelligent fabrics from functional, natural and synthetic fabrics. You will know how to develop fashion projects and you will know how to be a successful fashion designer in a job market full of color, diversity and innovation.

- In-depth study of specific areas of current and future fashion;
- Constant resource to practical methodologies in the development of collections;
- Development of different fashion projects throughout the course;
- Classes developed in an atelier environment;
- High integration of new digital technologies and fashion softwares:
- Establishment of various contacts with factories and professionals;
- Workshops with experts in the field;
- Study visits within the course;
- Diverse range of partnerships with companies for internships;

- Fashion designer - companies;
- Fashion designer - studio;
- Independent fashion designer;
- Textiles Designer / Patterns;
- Trendsetter;
- Bloggers / Influencers;
- Product management and quality control;
- Product manager in online fashion brands;
- Costume Designer;
- Pattern maker;
- Stylist;
- Fashion Illustrator;
- Fashion editor;
- Fashion Marketeer;
- Fashion production assistant;
- Project Coordinator;
- Costume Designer;
- Textile Researcher.

23 Mar 2020
Monday to Friday
12 x 330€ + Registration fee 250€
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