Drawing for Everyone/ Betty Edwards Method
Drawing for Everyone/ Betty Edwards Method

Target audience

All those who think they cannot make a drawing or aren’t any good at it. If you’re curious and interested in learning how to draw, or if you’re already an experienced draftsman but would like to become acquainted with another method, this is the right course for you.


Just like learning how to write, learning to draw requires that you get to know some concepts and techniques. With the appropriate instructions and with dedication and practice, everyone can learn how to draw well. After taking this course, students that were convinced they could not draw become aware of their constant evolution and that they are indeed able to learn how to draw.


The competence in terms of visual perception that is acquired through this course is important in order to stimulate creative thought and the resolution of problems, and the student benefits both at the personal and at the creative level. The experience of learning and sharing, with a strong emphasis laid on practice, makes you question certain habits and beliefs regarding the act of drawing and how well you can master it. After completing the course, the students have a set of observational drawings of their own creation, and the sense of accomplishment will be a major motivation to go on practicing drawing.

What you will learn

The different materials, types of paper, styles of drawing, tools.

A solid understanding of the basic principles of drawing: limits, negative space, angles and proportions, composition, light and shadow.

While doing the various exercises, you will discover the best way to get in touch with the “right side of your brain”.


This course is made up of 5 sessions. Each one of these sessions includes three components: Theory, Demonstration and Drawing (practical exercise). Individual and group monitoring makes it possible to have participants with different skill levels, which stimulates the sharing of experiences and challenges among themselves.

17 Feb 2020
Monday to Friday - 14:00 to 18h00
20 hours
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