Digital Drawing


The Drawing is an area that is transversal to all the arts, and can be the basis of them. There are more and more ways to draw with the most diverse processes. This course intends a practice with a future, based on all the tradition that this medium offers. Classical disciplines will be taught, but also digital drawing, making a comprehensive approach and in several fields that are particularly relevant to the current graphic production, from Illustration to Concept Art.


The main objective is to diversify the approach to Design from a current perspective, also aimed at an increasingly demanding professional market. For this, an approach will be taken to the Design in the different aspects that each curricular unit offers. The anchors of this course will be Drawing and Digital Drawing, there being also more specific disciplines such as Illustration, Concept Art and Animation. There is also a curricular unit specifically linked to the personal project, developed from the one that is most relevant to each student.


Each course unit will have its own content highlighting in general terms:

Develop the capabilities of computer graphics creation.

Develop aesthetic sensitivity from digital and analog support.

Develop creative skills from imagination.

Master the basic concepts of geometric design.

Apply anatomical knowledge in character creation.

Master chromatic values and composition.

High contrast drawing techniques.

Page layout in Illustration.

Notion of space and time in Drawing.


This course is based on a methodology of teaching of mostly practical nature, based on the resolution of problems related to the different teaching areas taught. Thus each area will present knowledge transmission and consolidation of the same from exercises by modules, where the students will have to present solutions for them.


Assessment is ongoing and may include research projects, reports, oral presentations, group projects, and practical assignments.


The School of Arts and Design of Cascais is equipped with IMacs, digital drawing tables and software where you can develop new pedagogical activities planned in the course.

21 Oct 2019
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Morning or Post Work
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