Why a school of arts and design in cascais?

Cascais is much more than a wonderful town next to wonderful beaches.
Cascais is an unusually diverse municipality that, while very proud of its past, has always been more focused on its future. The future is shaped by your own generation, by those who have realized that the world is yours, regardless of the career obligations of yesterday.
You don’t have to be what society expects you to be, you have to build the society you want, giving wings to your talent and your passions. That is why we are developing Cascais School of Arts & Design. A school that aims to be recognized worldwide as an example of how innovative teaching methods and outstanding people can prepare you to achieve something exceptional with your future.
The school has been created quite recently and we are counting on you to let us become the most important part of your life. This is not our school, it is yours. Discover it!


For anyone who knows Cascais, the school could not be in a better place. Right in the heart of Monte Estoril, in the old market next to the old Cruzeiro Shopping Center, which is currently being transformed into an arts center.
A few meters downhill you’ll find the Salesian School, walk a few more and you’ll cross the seaside Marginal Road, get to the train station, to the beach and the seawall that runs from Cascais to the mythical Azarujinha beach. All this lies within easy reach, providing lots of opportunities to draw inspiration from, and that is something not many places in the world are able to offer.

The Facilities

When the restoration project of the old market is completed, this incredible space will be transformed into one of the schools with the most comfortable and flexible spaces, with workbenches instead of desks, and although there are many individual workspaces, we will favor comfort in arrangements that draw people together and let them share their ideas, encouraging the interaction and exchange of new values as much as possible. The school has state-of-the-art equipment (we admit we are Mac lovers), ultrafast wi-fi, there is a bar and a terrace, a library, complete with changing rooms (for those who prefer to ride a bike or enjoy surfing every now and then).